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James Robert Booth-the letters in his name added up to sixteen and that was the number he chose for his Chief's hockey jersey. His Chief's team-mates, who were so important to him, proudly honored him by retiring his number. Jamie’s #16 Chief's jersey is displayed in a showcase at a pub named in his honour “16”.

Jamie, preferred to be called by this shorter version of his name-one more in tune with his casual demeanor and easy going manner. The most used and appropriate phrase to go along with either version of his name would be the term: "Friend" Jamie was one who made friends easily and remained a true and loyal friend.

His natural interest in people, along with his attuned listening skills, lent him an air of confidence that invited trust. Jamie never betrayed that trust that was so readily given to him.

Friends were foremost in Jamie's life and his family were his closest friends. He made time for everyone, even when it didn't allow much time for himself. All mundane things took a background to the importance of a conversation with a friend, discussions with several friends or partying with lots of friends. He depended on his friends, and they depended on him. He gave of himself freely; with humour and without reservation.


If Jamie could be said to have had a philosophy in life it would have been:


"Always be a friend, always be there for a friend and always keep in touch with a friend."


Jamie's friends chose Canuck Place to be the recipient of this charitable fundraising event because of a few factors. Canuck Place carries the name of Jamie's favorite professional hockey team. Canuck Place is a place where their friendship factor is strong. This hospice provides a team atmosphere in relation to the care it gives to those in need. It is a place where children can go with their families and find the necessary help and companionship they need through difficult times. It is a place to make new friendships and to be able to lean on the support of those new friends. As this is a place of help, trust and friendship--a donation to Canuck Place honors Jamie's memory.

In 2019, $10,000.00 was donated to Canuck Place Children's Hospice on behalf of the Jamie Booth Golf Classic. Combined with previous years, a total of $154,247.57 has been donated on behalf of the Jamie Booth Golf Classic to Canuck Place Children's Hospice.

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